There’s a big snake living near my HVAC condenser unit

Ever since I almost capsized my kayak in a southern swamp years ago, I’ve been deathly afraid of snakes.

One nearly got into the front end of my kayak and I nearly fell out trying to avoid it.

It doesn’t help that I live in an area with a handful of different kinds of rattlesnakes alone. If I go for a hike in the woods, I have to remain vigilant and mindful of snakes in the grass so I don’t get an untimely venomous bite. It’s so bad down here that we actually have large pythons running amok because so many have been released into the wild by pet owners over the past few decades. Our python problem is so famous and notable that the state sponsors a python hunt every year where the team that kills the most invasive pythons are awarded prize money. I haven’t seen any of these massive snakes near my house, but I could have sworn that I saw one peeking its head out of a bush while I was hiking one day. Regardless of what kind of snake it was, I ran in the opposite direction! Imagine how I felt when I discovered a big snake living near my HVAC condenser unit the other day. I was terrified and worried that the poor HVAC technician would be in danger trying to do simple maintenance on my heating and cooling system so I called animal control. It ended up being a harmless snake, but you can’t be too careful when you live in a crazy place like this. We have some of the scariest snakes in the world and it’s not a stretch of the imagination to find them in a residential neighborhood.


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