This year we bought rooftop solar panels to power our pool heater

I have wanted a swimming pool ever since I was a kid, but I couldn’t conceive of the sheer costs involved until I finally made the decision to buy one about six years ago. My husband was on board as well, as he never had a chance to live in a house with a pool throughout his life. We got quotes from a few different pool companies, but the prices were all about the same. That’s why we ended up with a company that is close to home and also does the best job with masonry work according to the plethora of reviews we read about them on the internet before pulling the trigger. I care deeply about attention to detail when you deal with a hand built swimming pool. If you’re going to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a new swimming pool, you might as well get something nice. As far as swimming is concerned, a lot of our swimming is confined to the warm summer months. That’s when it is naturally below 60 degrees outside neary single day. As such, it’s hard to use the swimming pool when temperatures outside are nearly cold enough to freeze the surface of the water. To power a large hot water heater for the pool, we run a machine that pumps the water in and out until it reaches the appropriate or desired temperature. They’re efficient heaters when you can utilize solar panels on your rooftop to power one of them. Without the solar panels, I wouldn’t be able to afford to heat my pool.

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