Tough to leave our house with the new HVAC equipment

The smart thermostat does it all and we don’t even have to worry about it

This wasn’t supposed to happen. When we bought this house, I was assured that my moving around for the company would be at an end now that I was in the commercial HVAC of corporate. But that’s just not the way the whole thing turned out. It comes with great disappointment that I met with the big bosses who told me it was time to relocate again. The new job is one I’m familiar with and it does come with an increase in salary. But we just finished renovating the house we bought and that included brand new residential HVAC. And we went all in on the new HVAC unit as well. Not only is the heating and cooling equipment the latest in residential HVAC, it comes with a whole lot of new HVAC technology. The SEER rating alone is almost off the charts and more than three times what the old HVAC unit was. It really doesn’t come any more efficient than that. Our house is also equipped with zone controlled HVAC. We have five separate HVAC zones in this house. That means there are five individually controlled thermostats in our house. This makes it great for customizing the heating and cooling in the home. The smart thermostat that came with all this is amazing and making sure the HVAC output is as efficient as possible. The smart thermostat does it all and we don’t even have to worry about it. I hate the fact that we have to leave our newly renovated home for yet another move. But at least the new HVAC equipment has added great value to this house and we’ll sell it for a great deal of money.

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