Travel Lodging Determined by HVAC Method

We are a family who likes to pack our gear in the car and set out for parts unknown.

Our family has decided to leave the airplanes out of our travel plans where we can.

There is just too much hassle to fly anymore. There was a time when air travel was leaps and bounds better than traveling along the highway. That time has passed as I find I spend more time attempting to connect with canceled flights and dealing with subpar HVAC. The airport HVAC I find to be far too cold. But then you get on a plane and it feels like I can hardly breathe due to the heat and humidity. It just is too much hassle unless going across the country or overseas. So, we drive!! This has been great so far. Plus, my oldest is now a licensed driver so he shares the driving time with me and his mother. We have one rule and that is we stay in a hotel along the way if the destination is more than 7 hours away. The decision on where we stay is also related directly to HVAC. The downtown hotels are now off the list. I have found, and my family confirmed, the fancier the hotel, the worse the HVAC. Plus, there is no way to open a window when you can’t get the room cool enough. Nope, we pass on staying at these places. And, we take the money we save by staying elsewhere and spend in on our trip. Our preference has been to stay at the hotel\motel that offers the old school HVAC unit that you can see from the parking lot. There has never been a time where we didn’t enjoy perfect HVAC comfort from one of these machines.

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