Tree Falls on Roof and I Get Modular Bathroom Constructed From Shipping Container

I reside in a major flood zone. Anytime there is a hurricane warning, our lake house is an evacuation zone. Typically I return to a bit of a mess, but nothing major. I usually option up branches broken off trees, upgrade a window as well as lose a tree or several. This time 1 of the neighbor’s trees fell as well as landed on our house. My roof was totally busted as well as our bathroom was now out in the open. I had to get a tree removal supplier out, a roofing supplier, plumber as well as even a flooring corporation to make repairs to our home. Since the roof was removed as well as the bathroom was no longer under a roof, I could not use that bathroom space. I looked around to try to figure out what I could do. I did not want to rent a porta potty since port-a-potties are absolutely unhygienic as well as did not contain a shower unit. I thought about joining the gym to use the gym facilities that are around 10 hours away from our home. I then found online that it is possible to have a modular toilet delivered to our lake house for a while. It is technically a shipping container that is converted into a bathroom space. I was able to order a bathroom stall, shower space, hand sink as well as even a dryer in our bathroom unit. The prefab toilet also comes with electricity and air conditioning. It was entirely amazing having the modular toilet as well as shower on my land. I had it delivered to our lake house as well as loved it. That way I was able to still stay at lake house as well as watch the building repair as it went on.

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