Troubleshooting a mobile boiler

Due to the high temperature and pressure levels experienced in mobile boiler systems, many malfunctions require the expertise of a professional HVAC technician.

However, some boiler problems can be resolved by the homeowner.

When your mobile boiler provides poor heat or no heat at all, there are many possible causes. Begin troubleshooting with the common causes and repairs, such as the pilot light and thermostat. The first component to check is your thermostat setting. Ensure your thermostat is set on heat mode and that your setting is above your room temperature. Check the circuit panel or fuse box for a tripped breaker or blown fuse. If your mobile boiler is using a standing pilot light, check to ensure it is on. If not, try to light it manually. A thermocouple malfunction is a common cause for a pilot light that won’t come on. This is the component that shuts off gas automatically. It could also be caused by air from a defective seal that is extinguishing the pilot. Check your hot-surface ignitor. Hot-surface ignitors are designed to last up to five years. This component should be replaced every three years during preventive HVAC maintenance to avoid malfunctions. Also, check your circulator pump to confirm whether it is working. If your circulator pump is cool and doesn’t appear to be operating, you may have a blown fuse. If your pump is hot, the malfunction could be with the motor, run capacitor, or pump. If you are experiencing water leaks from your mobile boiler, check for a faulty pump or faulty relief valve.


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