UV lights can add an additional layer of disinfection to your indoor air

My health hasn’t been enjoyable lately, especially after I fell ill with pneumonia last year.

I felt love I was suffocating for 2 weeks straight while my body fought it off to the degree that it could.

Ever since then I’ve been using an inhaler whenever I have breathing concerns, especially outdoors with all of the airborne allergens. It’s the start of the Springtime season & my automobile is already coated with yellow powder. It’s tree & flower pollen & it coats everything outdoors when it gets released at the start of the Springtime season every year. If you think it’s bad while it covers outside surfaces, just imagine what those yellow pollen particles do to your lungs when you breathe them in. I get congestion in both my lungs & my sinuses. Between my inhaler & my medicated nasal spray, I manage to survive. But this comes at a cost, because I guess fatigued physically & mentally when my immune system takes a immense hit from airborne allergens. This is what moved to buy a whole-house air cleaner. I obtained a media media air cleaner & a UV-light disinfection device. I took what little money I had left over from my tax refund & spent it on improving my indoor air in my house. Now I can breathe a lot better when I’m within the confines of my home. I wish I could get air quality love this in my automobile & at work, however at least I have some respite at home. I am using my inhaler a lot less now that I have a whole-house air purification installed to protect my respiratory health.

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