UV lights protect performance of heating and cooling system

When I decided to make some improvements to the indoor air quality of my home, I started with research.

There’s a wide range of air quality accessories on the market, and I wanted to make a smart decision.

My reading led me to germicidal UV lights, which are often used in hospitals, nursing homes and government buildings. I learned that scientists first figured out that ultraviolet light works to kill bacteria back in 1892. These lights are now installed into heating and cooling systems to minimize the spread of disease and protect operation. When properly placed, UV lights act as a cleaning agent, disrupting the DNA of germs and destroying their ability to multiply. By targeting the coils of the furnace and air conditioner, it prevents the growth, build-up and spread of bacteria, spores and other contaminants such as dander, dust, pollen and smoke. The coils can otherwise become polluted and introduce germs and allergens into breathing air. Since investing into UV lights, I’ve noticed that my family doesn’t sneeze, cough or complain of allergy or flu-like symptoms as often. The UV lights are effective against cleaning agents, paints, personal hygiene products and Volatile Organic Compounds that cause eye, nose and throat irritation. I can be sure that my heating and cooling system isn’t becoming overrun with dirt, germs and other toxins that steadily reduce efficiency and output. It helps to keep energy consumption and monthly bills low. There’s less chance of furnace or air conditioner malfunction or premature failure. I like that the UV lights make no noise, cause no unpleasant smell and require nothing more than annual maintenance.



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