winter and heating.

The winter brings about so many opportunities to slow down and really appreciate what’s going on around you.

I’ve seen so many strangers help each other out, whether it be pushing cars out of a snowy parking spot or up an unforgiving hill.

I’ve seen some crazy cab drivers fishtailing their rear wheel drive cars around corners. But I think most of all I love the spread of holidays mixed in with the high possibility that school can be canceled at any moment, so I could stay home and drink hot chocolate and play video games. The house is always so cozy when it’s cold outside. It gives me such a sense of security and wellbeing. The first year we got the new car with heated seats, I felt like all was right in the world. It’s so important to seal windows and protect the house from wasting energy. I remember getting yelled at as a kid for keeping the refrigerator door open for too long. There’s so much that goes into keeping a house energy sufficient and I appreciate learning all of the methods to do so as a kid. We want the heat to serve us well so we service the furnace every fall and properly seal up any gaps that may be in the doors or windows. Winters in the north are brutal but with the proper heating system it doesn’t hurt as much. The winter brings people closer together emotionally and spiritually but also because it’s cold and it’s warmer to be close to each other.


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