You know how the saying goes, opposites attract.

This is a very true statement for my husband and I.

We hardly agree on anything and if we do agree on something it’s on something very minimal.

However when it comes to updating our house and big projects that we want to get done, we just can’t come to a final agreement. A perfect example of this was when my husband and I were looking at our appliances and home heating and cooling system.I wanted appliances that were stainless steel and he wanted appliances that were black. We ended up going with something in the middle so we both were able to get what we wanted. Then we had our hvac system inspected. At first my husband didn’t want to the heating and cooling system inspected because he said that it was inspected two years ago and that there wasn’t a need for it. I told him that I’ve always read on heating and cooling websites that it’s important to have your heating and cooling system inspected or maintenanced at least once a year. Of course we didn’t agree on that but I got my way and still had a heating and cooling technician still come to the house. It was a very good thing that I didn’t listen to my husband and I called our local heating and cooling technician because our heating, ventilation and cooling system was on the verge of breaking down. Some of the wires on the circuit board were fraying and the circuit board needed to be replaced. The replacement of that hvac part was something that my husband and I agreed on. Overall, it looks like when things are needed and we don’t have any other options, that’s when my husband and I agree.

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