You were too hot and air conditioning was your saving grace.

It was the summer of 1995, I had banged up my knee pretty badly sliding into third base during a game of kickball at the rec center.

I had a love-hate relationship with summer camp because I loved playing with my friends but the center’s management only used these big fans to keep us cool.

It had to be the hottest summer of my life that year. My little brother would always complain how his Capri-Sun would taste like tea by the time he got to it for lunch. I used my knee as an excuse to stay home for a couple days. I am so happy because dad had just got a brand new air conditioner for our room. I must’ve sat no more than 5 feet from the A/C for the whole two days I stayed home. Although it cooled the entire room, the cool air just felt so good on my face and kept my hair off of my neck. I don’t know who invented the Air Conditioner but I’d love to meet him or her. They’ve probably single handedly saved humanity from certain extinction. I don’t think anyone would have made it into 1996 if it were not for the air conditioner. This new A/C my dad bought had all types of fancy settings on it too, to save energy and I appreciated that. I tried prolonging my injury just so I could stay next to that Air Conditioner a few more days. But dad said, getting away from the A/C and moving around would help me heal faster.

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