I won’t fly on planes if I don’t have to

I’ve never been a big fan of flying on planes! After a recent experience, I am even more sleepy at the thought of flying on planes; I had gone to a funeral, so I basically had no choice but to fly.

However, the funeral service was nice and it was fantastic to see all of my family members, but honestly, even the flight out to the funeral location wasn’t so bad.

I thought maybe flying wasn’t so terrible after all. The cooling at my seat worked fantastic and I felt comfortable and relaxed, however even the air quality on the flight out wasn’t bad. The experience coming back home to my condo though was terrible; and first of all, when I was waiting on the plane, the temperature control settings in the airport were terrible. If that wasn’t exhausting enough, they stopped myself and others to frisk myself and others after I already went through the scanner machine. Maybe they thought I looked suspicious because I was covered and sweating profusely, but that’s because the a/c was not really working easily well in the airport. Then I had to wait in that airport on the plane which was delayed for roughly an hour. I was dying in the heat thanks to the lack of a/c. Finally, the people I was with and I got on the plane and I was really thankful that the on the plane felt pretty nice. That was until they had to shut down the plane because of some electrical malfunction; both of us sat there while they were really working to repair the issue and the plane became even more overheated than the inside of the airport. Finally, the people I was with and I switched to a new plane because it was determined that plane was not safe. It was such an annoying and horrible experience.



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