See what a unbelievable HVAC air filter will do for your apartment and health

It was legitimately all I could do to remember to change the HVAC air filter each week.

For some reason, it just seemed like that a single heating and cooling chore nearly always got by me.

The fact that I got the air filter changed at all was sort of surprising if I’m to be completely truthful. And that goes back to our pretty much total ignorance of heating and cooling. Until recently, I just sort of took the heating and cooling of our lake house for granted. The HVAC machine was current when it came with the lake house so I didn’t have to occasion it out. That legitimately went a long way toward our continuing ignorance when it comes to the value of heating and cooling equipment. I think I sort of had a bit of logic in mind that a dirty HVAC air filter was not a unbelievable thing so I changed the air filter. That’s about as advanced as our HVAC thinking went. Well, that all changed when I found out about air quality and what it means to our health. I found out about all of this as I was researching ways to make our immune plan stronger while in the early stages of the pandemic. I just didn’t realize that air quality had such a bearing on our respiratory health. But thankfully, it didn’t take too much to legitimately improve the air quality of our home. I replaced the cheap air filters for the HVAC unit with a HEPA filter. These air filters trap and remove more than 99 percent of all airborne contaminants. And our air quality is proof that the HEPA filter works. I haven’t breathed easier since I moved into this house.

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