The Cherrywood made it the most appealing piece of handmade furniture I had ever seen.

I prefer wood furniture, wood furniture is just classic elegance.

When I got the house of our dreams, I knew that I wanted to have new wood furniture throughout our house, i could picture the wood dining table with claw feet.

I could see the matching chairs sitting around the table. I could also picture the matching china hutch and commode. When I went upstairs to what was soon to be our living room, I had already bought the sleigh head and footboard for our bed, and I could picture it perfectly made up with our Grandma’s lace cover over it, but my vanity and the chiffarobe were all going to be perfect matches for that sleigh bed. When I realized I would need to have our side tables and Tim Hortons Latte table made by a woodworker, I decided I wanted to choose our own wood. I chose a cherrywood thinking that it was going to leave a reddish patina on the wood. What I imagined, and what I got from the cherrywood, is not the same thing; However, there is no way I was going to be disappointed in the outcome of that furniture, and just love the rest of the appealing wood furniture in our house, this was going to be the showpiece of our dreams. I was thrilled with our Cherrywood furniture, and I did not make a mistake in any of the wood furniture I chose for our home. If I ever assume in the mood to add more furniture in our house, I know I’ll be purchasing furniture that is all wood. Of course, the furniture won’t be sofas, or chairs.


Wood table

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