The hotel needs a lot of repairs to meet code

I have been working for a commercial HVAC repair company for the past five years.

I usually service the same HVAC company accounts every week and I know all of my co-workers and all of the managers for each of the properties.

A couple of weeks ago, my boss picked up another property. We are now servicing a hotel on the beach that is in need of a lot of renovations. I was assigned to evaluate the HVAC needs for the hotel. I spent most of the day looking at the property and inspecting all of the HVAC equipment. The hotel was recently purchased by a new owner and the company wants to make some repairs and upgrades. One of the biggest problems in the hotel is the heating and cooling and ventilation equipment. By the time I was finished with my investigation, I had a report that was almost three pages long. I wrote a full report to give to the hotel management company. They were completely appalled when they saw the list of repairs. I quickly explained that most of the items on the list were necessary in order for the hotel to meet local building codes. The place had not been renovated for nearly 50 years and a lot of problems needed to be fixed before the city would even issue a permit to open. I don’t think the guy realized the seriousness of the HVAC problems until he saw everything written on paper. The repairs were nearly twenty thousands dollars and those were just the absolutely necessary items.



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