The web design firm did not seem to understand our concept or ideas

My spouse started making soap as well as bath bombs a couple of years ago.

She was bored this random Thursday morning as well as decided to melt all of the tiny hotel soaps all of us had in our junk drawer, the soaps blended together nicely as well as the fragrance wasn’t awful either.

Then my spouse also had a blast making the new soap bars as well as she enjoyed really working with her hands. Most mornings back then, my spouse sat in an office in front of a computer all day. She rarely had any opportunities to do something creative. Things are a lot unusual now as well as our family, my loving spouse as well as I make soap full time! Every one of us have a small artisan store that sells soaps as well as bath bombs as well as hand lotions. My spouse quit her job more than four years ago as well as all of us decided to use all of our retirement savings to open this amazing soap boutique. Things were slow until all of us hired someone to build a website for the business. Every one of us hired this one guy to do the job, however he did not understand our concept… He came up with a design based on our wants as well as needs, however I did not prefer his concept or design. Every one of us wanted something more subtle as well as soft. Every one of us tried to get it right, but all of us ended up finding someone else to complete the rest of the work. Every one of us still uses the same website designer when all of us need to make replacements to the website. The lady does a great task as well as she doesn’t charge a fortune. She has her own small corporation that concentrates on web design, SEO, as well as internet marketing, we’re both supporting other small dealers in the area.

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