Time to bake?

Christmas is coming legitimately hastily.

I couldn’t believe that it is less than five weeks away.

I bake Christmas cookies every year plus I send them to the family members that no longer live close plus are able to come to the Christmas celebration. I have family in Florida, WI plus NC. They are all our children plus the cookies are a part of their Christmas presents. I went to town plus purchased everything needed to make over 40 dozen cookies. My fiance almost had a heart attack when he saw the grocery price, although he smiled plus told myself and others I had better make him cinnamon buns while I was baking. So far this week, I made five dozen whoopie pies, multiple dozen donuts, plus more than two dozen cinnamon rolls. Tomorrow is going to be the difficult day. The only reason it is going to be difficult is because all of us have already removed the window cooling systems plus tomorrow is going to be nearly sixty. With the oven on, it is going to be hot in our house. I’m sure I could pull out a fan, or turn the temperature control way down or even off. I wish I could just turn on the A/C plus be comfortable. I have family members coming over to help myself and others with the cookies plus the added people will also add heat to my small family room. I could possibly ask my fiance to turn off the furnace, however since it’s a boiler, all of us won’t have hot water to do the dishes. I’m in a bit of a quandary here, wondering how to keep it cooler in my family room.
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