Buying a new AC for my folks

I’m not sure what it means but those are pretty cool lyrics for a song by REM called Fall on Me.

I’d enjoy to be a full-time tune writer one day.

I’ve been practicing the djembe for a few years and now play in a two-man street band on the Spanish shore and unquestionably have a lot of fun playing out there on the boardwalk by the beach. You will never suppose will happen when you play music outside on a busy street. The only disadvantage I can feel of is that it isn’t air conditioned out there and it gets pretty darn boiling hot on some days. Both of us stay cool by taking a dip in the sea once in a while and also playing music in the shade of a coconut blade from a sizable tree that is next to us. I’ll be back there on the shore working again at the Heating and Air Conditioning business which offered myself and my partner a task doing sales and stocking shelves. I’ve been away in the states for almost a week and am ready for my next adventure in my small beach neighborhood over there. I flew back here to the US to help my parents with their central heat and air unit. I am helping them to find a current one and install it as I am a certified Heating and Air Conditioning specialist and have made some good connections with Heating and Air Conditioning companies in their area. My folks have been needing a current device for a while and now is the time to get it before the dog days of summer time roll in. It’s been wonderful seeing almost everyone again.

Cooling and heating business

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