Can’t afford A/C service – sleeping at the office

I am not the style of person who has a lot of spare cash to throw around.

I am truly careful with our weekly budgeting and I live on a shoestring budget, to begin with.

This is why I am regularly seriously cautious about unnecessary expenses in our life and all of the ways that I can accidentally cost myself extra cash. At least, I thought that I was truly careful.., until our air conditioner broke down last week. Apparently, I have not been taking truly nice care of our central cooling device. I really forgot that I even had an air conditioner equipment installed behind our lake house until the day that it stopped laboring. I went to our thermostat and carefully adjusted the indoor air temperature control settings. Unfortunately, the indoor air temperature did not respond to our indoor air quality control demands. In fact, there was zero air passing through our vents as I stood in front of the temperature control unit, however eventually, I decided I should truly call a heating, cooling, and air quality control specialist to inspect the broken air conditioner. However, I also realized I did not have the extra cash in our budget for a professional air conditioner updatement. I came up with a novel solution that did not throw me. I decided to sleep at the office where I had access to indoor air temperature control, rather than praying that our air conditioner would spontaneously start laboring again. Now, I am laboring on saving up the cash for our A/C repair. I hope that our co-workers do not discover our secret under-desk bed, first.



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