Dad lays down the HVAC law

I can feel the weight of the summer time electric bill hanging around my neck like a barbell. Then there is the knot in my stomach to make even a little bit worse. The summer is upon us and the utility budget is about to get massacred. It makes me ill to think about how much it costs us each day to keep the house cool using the HVAC. But, it dawned upon me that maybe I should quit being passive and try to do something to cut the HVAC costs. I took an hour and went online to learn some simple DIY stuff to help mitigate the HVAC costs. It starts with me being very vigilant about the HVAC setting. I’m putting in a smart thermostat but until then, I will be guarding that thing tightly. I then made sure that I had a serious word with my children regarding the thermostat setting and HVAC in general. They are completely oblivious when it comes to what it costs to maintain a house. The HVAC behavior they exhibit is particularly galling. There are sliding door left ajar all the time. I’ve even come home to find the front door wide open with the HVAC working overtime attempting to cool the entire outdoors. This just wouldn’t do so, I told them that there will now be accountability. We have a fairly elaborate security camera system on the inside and outside of our home. I have begun to review this footage when I suspect poor HVAC behavior. Then, I am fining the children. It is more the principle of the thing more than anything else. I just want them to really be serious about lessening the load on the HVAC.


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