I don’t like it in the least when the gas furnaces are too overheated

I get it! Some people have totally different Heating plus A/C machine preferences than I do, and that is certainly okay with me! I understand that nobody is the exact same with their temperature control preferences, plus I respect their ability to have their own opinion! However, in my opinion, it is completely better to be on the side of having too much air conditioning than it is to be on the side of having unbearable heat.

The reason for this is because you can handle colder uneven temperatures with more ease than warmer uneven temperatures.

What would you do if you walked into a place that you knew had a tendency to use the a/c machine at a setting that was unbearable? You would easily grab a sweatshirt. With just that one article of clothing, you are able to overcome the unbearable cold air from the a/c machine plus appreciate the remainder of your night. However, what are you supposed to do when you walk into a room while in the middle of Winter plus the furnace is set at unbearable levels. At this point, you would be uncomfortable even in a t-shirt. You really can’t take off enough layers to be comfortable. Instead, you have to just remain there plus sweat it out because asking someone to turn down their heating machine would be considered rude. I despise it when I walk into a place plus the heating machine is far too warm. I understand it if you are an older person plus you need to keep the temperature toasty. But truthfully, rather than forcing all your guests to sweat because of the furnace, you could just bundle up individually plus change the thermostat settings.

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