I don’t love that tree anymore

There is this seasoned oak tree that stands right outside of my front window.

The tree had been dead long before I moved into my home.

I realize I should have had it taken down, but it had character and I couldn’t have it unfastened from the yard. Over the last couple years, the tree’s creaking was getting louder every time the blustery wind blew. I could see it waving in the wind and I swore that it was leaning so much closer to the house. I said something about it to my hubby and he dismissed my tree-based worry with a wave of his hand. I was to where even the slightest breeze had me upset, and if every one of us had a real wind storm, it scared me. If that tree fell down, it was going to take out the main power feed to the house. Both of us would be without any working lights and Heating and Air Conditioning. Both of us lived in an area where there was no doubt, you had to have either air conditioning or heat, nearly all year round. I didn’t want to be stuck without Heating and Air Conditioning. I tried to convince my hubby that but I didn’t enjoy the entire method of taking the tree down; it was time. I even called many tree removal companies in order to get an estimate for the task. He kept waving me off and telling me I was being paranoid. It wasn’t until every one of us had sixty miles an hour winds howling for over two days, that he agreed. The wind knocked many of the limbs off the tree. My hubby finally said every one of us were lucky they didn’t fall on the house. It would knock out power and our family gas furnace would not be running.


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