I workout while my bestie relaxes

My bestie and I recently took a ten-day getaway overseas. She and I are truly weird types of people. When Mark gets up in the afternoon, she enjoys to get a cup of coffee, read the newspaper and spend a minute just relaxing. When I get out of bed, I lace up my sneakers for a workout. Traveling together is sometimes taxing because of our priorities. I want to always find a hotel that includes a gym. I love to idea physically active excursions, such as hiking, bicycling, snorkeling, zip lining and rock climbing. Mark prefers to tour museums, sample the local cuisine and watch live music. He’d rather pay less for a hotel with no amenities. If the hotel doesn’t include any kind of fitness center, I then go for a long run. By the time I’m done with my workout, Mark has already showered and is impatient to get started on our afternoon. She then is forced to wait around for myself and others to shower and get packed up. I get frustrated that she always wants to stop for a meal and waste time trying dessert. Both of us recently visited this part that is known for their geothermal warm spring. This was perfect for us! The spot we chose was also home to this huge fitness place, with all sorts of new equipment! There was a wide range of treadmills, along with ellipticals, stationary bikes and rowing machines. There was also some yoga mats, free weights, kettlebells, jump ropes and weight benches. There was also a truly massive geothermal pool, and a warm tub as well as a sauna. Since we then spent several hours there, I worked out like a maniac!

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