I’m not happy about our barbershop closing down

I have been extremely disappointed with how things have been going in our country.

It seems like people can’t get a break ever since the pandemic hit us hard. We have businesses that have shut down, many of them shut down permanently. One particular business that I was always fond of was my local barbershop. This was a fantastic place where I would always meet up with the guys and we would just hangout and talk. We would always get our haircuts just the way we wanted, and it was extremely comfortable in the barbershop. This was because the barbershop owner invested in some of the best HVAC equipment. He had a really nice ductless mini-split HVAC which was great because it has both heating and cooling functions. It didn’t matter what time of the year it happened to be, we were always perfectly comfortable with just the right temperature control settings. The other great thing is that the ductless mini-split HVAC he had also had built-in air purification. This meant that the air quality was always superb, and everybody enjoyed that feature of the HVAC equipment. I would always tell the guys that I wanted to invest in a nice ductless mini-split HVAC just like they had at the barbershop. Unfortunately, we can no longer enjoy going to the barbershop because the owner was forced to shut down due to this ongoing pandemic crisis. We were all upset about this, especially since people can go to places like Walmart following social distancing guidelines and such, but small businesses like this had to be shut down even though they could follow the same safety guidelines.

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