My HVAC Technician Friend is Coming for Dinner This Week

I told my HVAC technician friend to wait till the end of the week for dinner because I have been really sick lately.

I got a chest infection, fever, and body aches so I am feeling I may have Covid again but I didn’t get tested. I’ve just been sitting in my office with my small radiant heater on high to help me try and sweat out some of the germs. I’m not sure if this does much but it is probably better than the cold water sea dips I’ve been doing the whole winter. I set my smart thermostat to 76F, which is much higher than I normally have it, but I feel that keeping the house warm is the best thing when you are feeling sick. I have been eating a lot of garlic, which is a great natural antibiotic, but not so great for my dating life. I am going to wait on cleaning my ductwork, which I had scheduled to do this week, but there is no way I am going to be around all of that dust when I am allergic to it. I didn’t even go out of my flat once yesterday, which is the first time I stayed in my flat the whole day since moving here two years ago. I may clean my washable HEPA today because it doesn’t stir up any dust when I wash it in the sink. I feel it would be best to have clean air coming from the vents while I am sick like this. I have to be my own doctor since mom is in another country.


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