The drain line needed to be cleared with a vacuum

This allows me to view the blockage and interior of pipes

A residential customer contacted the plumbing service earlier this month, when the toilet was having trouble draining properly. The man sounded completely frantic on that cell phone and there was an appointment during the day. I put up a person in the time slot. I finished up with an odd Plumbing Service and ended up at the customer’s location about 30 minutes before the scheduled time. The man absolutely seems seriously ecstatic that myself and others arrived early. I had to locate the shut-off valve for the plumbing to the main part of the house and this took more time than usual. The main water line was not above the mailbox in the left corner of the property where most shutoff valves in the city are located. I had to search around and even look at the property value online to see where the location of the shut off valve. I had to use a drain snake and drain snake the line multiple times. The water didn’t move at all. I went a couple more feet and decided to use a different tool that is an auger attached to a camera. This allows me to view the blockage and interior of pipes. When I started looking inside of the drain line, it was easy for me to see that they’re drain 9 needed to be cleared completely. I assured the customer that things were looking bad but I would easily be able to clear the drain line and the service was typical. I did however show the customer all of the things that I pulled out of the drain so she could talk with her kids.
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