Pam Gets in the Vents at Work to Diagnose A/C Issue

Pam has been with her company for 10 years.

She enjoys her work and the people she works with.

One day, one of the employees she works with starting complaining that the thermostat in his office was not controlling the temperature as it should be. Once this was brought to Pam’s attention, she immediately called the property manager. The property manager sent an HVAC technician out to help resolve the issue. When he arrived to the office, he realized that he would need to call his partner for help. The HVAC technician would not be able to access the appropriate vents to do the repair without help from someone operating the thermostat from inside the office. Once Pam heard that the repair would be delayed, she offered to help out however she could. She knew that the repair being delayed would really upset her boss, Micheal, and she did not want to deal with that. The HVAC technician told Pam that if she could climb into the ceiling and adjust the vents while he adjusted the thermostat, he could have the A/C repaired by the end of the day. Thanks to Pam’s willingness to help out, the A/C was repaired and everyone was happy. If they would have had to wait for the HVAC technicians partner, they would have been out of A/C for at least another full day, and the temperature inside was climbing by the hour. Micheal had made many comments about how he was unable to work under these conditions, and Pam just wanted him to sign off on a few expense reports.


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