Saving energy with my HVAC unit

No matter if you are from the far north of the far South, all of us all experience a certain phase of the year where the Heating and Air Conditioning method is running just about all the time.

  • Of course, the resulting utility bills can make us choke on our checkbook.

For my family, it is the summer time that just kills the household budget. The majority of my funds end up going toward keeping the apartment cool enough to get through the heat. There is about a three month stretch where I am just afraid of opening the yearly electric bill. It’s so damn hard for me to even go to the mailbox to retrieve the mail because I know it’s in there lurking. With that being said, I got sick of that feeling a few years ago plus decided simply being passive plus taking it wasn’t getting me somewhere. As a family, all of us decided all of us wanted to get some of that currency back so all of us could do many more things. The first thing all of us did was get our apartment in order, so to speak. The people I was with and I started pulling blinds by about 10am to keep the direct sun heating to a bare minimum. My youngest kid even went out and got some solar cling for the worst windows. Then, all of us decided to take a more proactive approach to the Heating and Air Conditioning temperature control. To start, all of us really programmed it so the temperature would rise with the outside temperature. This greatly reduced the load on the Heating and Air Conditioning. We also decided that all of us could kneel having the temperature control much higher when all of us were in the house, recognizably at night. That was the massive one. Our efforts resulted in a 20% savings through the worst of the Heating and Air Conditioning demand. That currency was certainly appreciated by all of us on the weekends.
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