Leak detection was quick

For a few months I had heard a drip in my kitchen.

I just ignored it & then I started noticing moisture disfigurement in my custom made kitchen cupboards. Now that was starting to be a problem, the cupboards were going to get wrecked & there was a faint musty smell that just lingered. I realized the drip was leading to a lot of disfigurement & becoming more than an irritant. I am not a plumber by any means. I didn’t want to try fixing a pipe on my own. I also didn’t even know where the leak was coming from, and so I looked around & asked around. I then found a licensed plumber that was willing to do leak detection & repair for a satisfactory rate. The guy got underneath my sink & found the problem was a loose attachion, and he tightened that up, upgraded some worn piping & got me back in business. I paid the bill & he left. I did some research & realized that if I would have left the leak longer I could have experienced drastic wood rot & structural disfigurement. I could have experienced mold & mildew growth; Bugs, insects, & roaches would have wanted to come into my house. I also would have ruined my cottageets, tile, & even the support that the sink was on. Isn’t that crazy? A small leak also leads to gallons of water waste as well. That is a lot of currency & water wasted simply because I am too lazy to get on the iphone immediately.

leak repair

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