I hate the heating and A/C system at my office

If there’s one thing that I can’t stand, it’s a subpar HVAC system.

I have a really great HVAC system at home, and my heating and A/C system always works perfectly when I’m in my own environment.

However, whenever I have to go to work, the heating and A/C situation is a totally different story. The HVAC system at my office is quite possibly the work HVAC system in the history of offices. No matter how high we turn up the temperature on the thermostat in the winter, we can’t get the heating to come on. It’s always freezing in our office, even if the furnace is cranked up all the way. There’s usually some lukewarm air blowing into the office through the air vents on the ceiling, but they don’t really do very much when it comes to heating up the entire office. Sometimes, I have to plug in the little space heater that I keep under my desk just to thaw out my frozen feet. The thing is, it’s against company policy to have an electric space heater at work! I always say that if they don’t want us to have space heaters, then they should keep the furnace system running like it’s supposed to. I really hate the heating and A/C system at the office. It makes me crazy sometimes and I even dread going into work because it’s so cold in there. I think that if you’re going to manage an office environment, you really need to pay attention to the heating and cooling system in the office.

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