A Filming Project with my Heating Contractor

My friend Max works for the local Heating and Air Conditioning dealership.

Max obtained a new drone a few weeks ago and is already a master at flying it.

Max and I are going to use the drone to motion picture my volleyball serve called the skyball. A skyball is a serve where you hit under the ball as hard as you can with your fist and propel the volleyball upward about nine to ten stories and ideally into the court on the other side of the net. The drone should capture this serve quite well when situated above the court at 90 feet or so. Max, my Heating and Air Conditioning pro, told myself and others that he wants to capture footage of the ball almost hitting the drone, so Max has to make sure he is at the typical height or the ball could end up taking out the drone. If it hits Max’s drone after that we may be finally working at his Heating and Air Conditioning business on spec for a while to pay for the thing. I feel his drone cost him about $2000 so it would be a very lavish motion picture project if I crashed his drone. I would end up being a Heating and Air Conditioning repair dude myself for the next week to pay for the current one. I don’t feel I will hit it though if Max gets above my limit which I told him is around 90 feet, however if it is a good day and I rip one too well I could entirely hit the 100 foot mark. I need to ask Max if he can help myself and others with my Heating and Air Conditioning component when he comes out because we have some a few cooling complications.


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