Do you want to be cool though?

My Mom hates cooling systems more than anything, and I have no method on how I am supposed to respond to that; Honestly, I didn’t even honestly know that there were still people that were cautious about central cooling systems; Whenever I was a kid, it made sense that my Mom was unsure about central cooling systems.

  • Although these days obviously central cooling systems have been around for a pretty long time, they seriously weren’t popular for a long time.

Most households could not afford central cooling systems for the family, and this meant that only the super-wealthy or corporations were allowed to own any central cooling systems. When the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C companies finally wised up and created central cooling systems that most people could use, it made more sense that some people would be a little worried about purchasing a whole new central cooling system. However, over time, people should have realized that clearly central cooling systems are perfectly normal and pose no distinct threat. However, I can tell you that my Mom refused to purchase a central cooling system because everyone thought that they were a complete waste of money. They had lived an entire life separate from a central cooling system, and thought that it was completely illogical to decide to purchase a central cooling system at this time. Although I thought it was strange, it didn’t surprise me and others too much to hear this. However, as an adult, I would have figured that she would have bought a central cooling system for herself by now. I think that it is super strange.

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