I still had to have some repairs done to my heating and AC system

The craziest thing happened two days ago. A tree of all things fell on my heating and cooling system. I’m honestly fortunate that when the tree fell it did not hit my home. This is not any small tree either, this was a huge oak tree. This oak tree I had known for quite a long time was on its way out. Oak trees are normally big, sturdy and strong. This one was no different; it was a huge tree, so how did a master tree love this fall? Well, I’ve lived in my home for quite some time and over the years I’ve noticed that it was getting weaker. It did not help when two years ago it got struck by lightning. It was never the same after that and while it continued to live I realized that it looked like it was dying. The tree didn’t have any eaves on anymore and it hasn’t gradually started leaning more and more. I planned to have it cut down since it was obviously almost dead, I just never got around to it. The tree was honestly weakened and then all it took was the storm to come through and that was enough to do it in, because that made it fall over. When it fell over it hit my heating and A/C system, but fortunately it only grazed the heating and A/C when it fell. Most of the impact of the street still hit the ground and missed the heating and cooling method. I still had to have some repairs done to my heating and A/C. If that tree had just been angled over my Heating and Air Conditioning unit a little bit more I’d have had to replace my entire heating and A/C unit. I’m honestly happy that the tree missed it.


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