I want to stay cool but he hates it

My dad hates cooling systems, plus I have no clue exactly how I am supposed to respond to that; Honestly, I didn’t even assume that there were people that were cautious about central cooling systems! When I was a kid, I guess it made sense that our dad was unsure about central cooling systems.

Although back then central cooling systems have been around for a pretty long time, they absolutely weren’t very popular for a long time.

Most households could not afford central cooling systems at that point, plus this meant that only the super-wealthy or corporations were able to own central cooling systems. When the HVAC companies finally created new, modern central cooling systems that everyone could use, it made sense that some people would generally be a little distraught about purchasing a central cooling system. However, over time, people have realized that central cooling systems are perfectly normal plus pose no threat. However, our dad refused to purchase a central cooling system because he always thought that they were a complete waste of currency. He had lived his entire adult life without a central cooling system, plus he thought that it was illogical to decide to purchase a central cooling system now. Although I thought it was strange, I suppose it didn’t surprise me too much. All our siblings plus I have a central cooling system, plus even our mom has a central cooling system… However, my dad’s caution about purchasing a central cooling system has turned into a real hatred, plus I suppose that it is super strange.
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