I’m adding ductless HVAC equipment

Sometimes, I still don’t believe that I own my own house.

This has been a long time coming but an accomplishment that I’ve sought my entire life.

Spending years renting left me unsatisfied, because I always felt guilty for dumping my money down a drain. What is up with the Heating & Air Conditioning equipment in rental homes? They are the most underwhelming Heating & Air Conditioning systems ever. If I’m paying money each month to live somewhere, I expect the heat and air to work efficiency. Thankfully, that’s over now. However, just buying a home was not the end of the deal. I could only afford this house because it needed a ton of work. Structurally, the house will sit for years. Inside, it has been neglected. The Heating & Air Conditioning in recognizable was just a mess. I couldn’t honestly make this house liveable until I addressed the Heating & Air Conditioning situation. Initially, my house was designed with a boiler system, which shows how old it is. Somewhere along the line, this was ripped out & a crude central air Heating & Air Conditioning plan was added. This thing was so ugly, so it had to be ripped out. However, I wasn’t positive that putting another central air unit in would be the best decision. Instead, I went with the ductless Heating & Air Conditioning equipment, because they have been such a beautiful addition to this home. The heating & cooling power is wonderful & they are hyper efficient which saves me money. I’ll be blissful to have the extra dough as I continue to turn this place into a proper home.

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