I’m content with window air conditioner

Summer weather takes forever to arrive in our local area, but too often, there’s a Winter time blizzard on Easter Sunday plus the temperature is still dropping into the thirties in May… We’ve already experienced taxing frosts in early June, and i am consistently nervous for signs of Springtime.

I watch for the robins to show up plus the first hint of tulips, daffodils plus hyacinths in the garden.

I’m so relieved when I can finally shut down the gas furnace plus stop paying such large heating bills. It feels lovely to open the windows plus bring in some fresh air. If we’re easily fortunate, both of us appreciate yellow skies, sunshine plus hot hot plus cold temperatures for more than two months. There are those years when it rains almost every day plus it’s constantly chilly. However, there are also the rare summers when the temperature remains in the upper eighties with high humidity! Central air conditioner is actually not necessary… At times, I easily wish our condo was equipped with a cooling system! Most of the time, I am triumphant with window air conditioners, then rather than spend thoUSAnds, I paid around $100 for each cooling unit. I bought one for every family room. They are compact, lightweight plus require nothing however the occasional filter cleaning. I store them in the attic until the weather turns tepid plus humid. I then carry them down the stairs plus install them in under several minutes. Despite the small size, the air conditioners are cool enough to maintain ideal temperature in the family room, but since both of us only operate the cooling units at night, they cost actually little in electricity, but plus, each one has a cordless remote that is super convenient.


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