It turns out that the realtor was right about the A/C upgrade

Selling our family beach house was a very tough thing for my fiance and I to have ever undertaken.

And that’s saying a whole lot given the fact that we’ve navigated raising a family and maintaining jobs inside the commercial Heating plus A/C of the office.

But selling the old beachside house was indeed tough for us, both physically and emotionally. We’re easily close to retirement so obviously, Max and I are in our 60’s, then even though I still think full of energy, there are limitations to what Max and I can get done. And that was a big section of how hard this whole thing was. The realtor who listed the old beachside house was great. She helped us prioritize all the necessary upgrades that Max and I needed to do to our home. There were a lot of things. My fiance and I thought Max and I could do most of them in order to keep the costs down. That proved to be rather challenging. But when it came to the Heating plus A/C unit upgrade, everything went quite attractively. Of course, that was thanks to the good Heating plus A/C techs at our local Heating plus A/C company. These are the same Heating plus A/C techs we’ve been using since Max and I moved here more than 30 years ago. Tplot to form, they were once again essential when it came to installing the right sort of Heating plus A/C unit in our home. This was the 1st time we’ve replaced the heating and cooling equipment. But this time, Max and I wanted to get the latest in Heating plus A/C technology in order to add as much value to the beach house as Max and I could. The Heating plus A/C company was all over it and got us just what Max and I were looking for. Thanks to the renovations and the modern residential Heating plus A/C, Max and I were able to get our asking price for our home.

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