Make sure to change your gas furnace filter

If there is a small piece of advice I would deliver to Heating plus A/C owners, it’s make sure to change your gas furnace filters.

This would seem obvious, but there are a lot of people that forget, and a lot of people that wait until their air conditioning filters are completely clogged before increasing it; You might not believe there is much harm waiting various weeks before increasing out the Heating plus A/C filter, but it is actually actually exhausting for your air conditioning, and it shortens the air conditioning’s lifespan.

What happens is, when your Heating plus A/C system has a clogged air filter, it is forced to work much harder to cool and heat your home, and not only that, but your Heating plus A/C system is also a lot more likely to overheat due to a clogged filter as well. This is one of the most proper problems seen by Heating plus A/C professionals, and it is quite an straight-forward fix. Also make sure to get high quality Heating plus A/C filters, such as HEPA filters, because if you get any of the other kinds, it entirely won’t do you any good. It is recommended you change out your air filter every month or so, but it depends on the homeowner. Some people need to change their air filters out more if they have a lot of pets for example. When you make sure to change out your air filters, you not only keep your air conditioning toiling well, but you keep your media air cleaner as well. These are the reasons why it is important to change out your air filters.



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