My spouse takes care of our HVAC air filters

My partner and I split the household responsibilities evenly.

We swap chores every other week so we don’t get bored with anything.

It’s pressing for us to have a well organized and clean house. I’ve always liked that sense of accomplishment I get when I’ve completed the chores and projects around the house. Both of us have an intense competition on who finishes their chore list first, and it always goes back and forth. There’s always something riding on it even if it’s just who folds who’s laundry. It’s a lot more effective than all the guilt and yelling that I see from other households. A task that has always been my spouse’s from the start is all the Heating plus A/C stuff. It’s really not that difficult. He takes care of making the Heating plus A/C maintenance appointments. It’s not that sizable of a deal to have a professional Heating plus A/C person come and keep our heating & cooling device working efficiently. However, the other chore of the Heating plus A/C variety is something that he struggles with. That would be making sure the Heating plus A/C air filter is switched out. I think about how pressing it is to not have a clogged and dirty Heating plus A/C air filter. This is how the Heating plus A/C device breathes, so, it’s vital to have a good air filter in there every two months. My spouse has finally gotten a system with setting alerts that won’t let him forget to change the air filters anymore. Plus, he always hated losing the biweekly chore race because he forgot to change the blasted Heating plus A/C air filter.


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