My voice a bit rough but enjoyable indoor air quality helps

My voice is a bit scratchy this day from singing for two hours last night, however I think by the time we hit the stage later it’ll be ready to go. Music is a lot of fun, especially when I compare it to my old days of doing stand up comedy where you are all alone on stage. I mean, comedy can be fun too, but the pressure of that game is just way off the charts and I am delighted I made the transition to songs when I did. I’ve been playing drums on and off since Mom’s Heating & A/C business started up back when I was a teen. Mom bought me a Ludwig five piece drum set when I was 18 and I would play it in the warehouse in the back of the heating business he ran, which was air conditioned nicely I must say. I began singing when I was a kid, legitimately around seven years old, but didn’t try to do it for a living until a few years ago. I still work as a heating worker to bring in the money, but at the rate it is going with this band it will not be long before I leave the Heating & A/C repair world for good. We have one more year before that is going to happen because we are still searching for our sound and waiting for the sixth songsian to join us and fill in the blanks. My cooling expert acquaintance will be moving in with me in a couple months and joining our band with his keyboard skills.

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