My wife and I got into a big argument over the thermostat

When the pandemic hit, my wife and I began working from home, the two of each had our own home offices, but it was fun to visit with each other.

After more than 2 weeks of lockdown, we got into one of the biggest we’ve ever had in our relationship, and it was about the thermostat, but when she works, she likes to keep the room at a lower temperature, as she says it helps to stimulate her more, where I like a warmer workspace, because I believe like it helps me focus.

The two of us went back and forth about where we should keep the thermostat until we learned about smart thermostats with zone control. A smart thermostat is attached to Wi-Fi and can be controlled from our Phones or PCs, but what we were most happy to learn about was zone control. Through the installation of valves within our existing HVAC duct, we were able to maintain different temperatures in other rooms of our house, meaning that she could keep her office much cooler than the rest of the house. The installation was quick, and we barely noticed the changes, but once the Heating and A/C professional finished, our lives improved greatly. Not only were we able to work more comfortably, but the new improvements to our Heating and A/C system meant that we were no longer trying to keep the whole home at the same temperature, and our plan was only working to heat or cool the rooms that we designated through the app. In the first month we noticed crucial savings on our energy bill, and ever since then our bill has remained hundreds of dollars lower, but most crucially, something that can’t be quantified on a bill, was the harmony achieved in our home from our smart thermostat with zone control.


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