Needing plumbing repairs

When I first bought my house, I was not impressed with the toilet in the master bedroom. Although it looked almost brand new, the toilet took forever to flush. It required me to hold the handle and count to twelve before releasing it. After about a year or so, the problem worsened. I then needed to flush multiple times to fully clear everything from the bowl. One night, while I was lying in bed, I heard the toilet running. I kept waiting for it to quit. I finally got up and flushed it. When this didn’t solve the issue, I removed the lid from the tank. I could see that the metal arm with the ball on the end that determines the water level was bent upwards. By bending it downward, I was able to stop the toilet from continually running. I decided I should replace the whole flushing mechanism in the toilet as soon as possible. I made a trip to the local hardware store and bought the necessary parts. I found a youtube video explaining how to complete the project. The first step was to shut off the supply of water to the toilet. It looked extremely simple. All I needed to do was tighten a valve. However, tightening the valve didn’t work. I researched online and found that my shut-off valve was broken. Replacing the valve was a bigger project than I felt comfortable taking on. At that point, I called a plumber. Although having a professional handle a fairly small job was far more expensive than doing it myself, I was willing to pay anything for a properly working toilet.

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