researching outdoor lighting

When I moved into my apartment I observed that there was hardly any outdoor lighting.

  • There was a huge light pole in my yard plus one front door light, then i didn’t like either of them but they were all I had.

I started doing some research on what the best kind of lights would be. I chose an outdoor ceiling fan for the porch, a bunch of bulb lights to go around it plus added lighting around the whole perimeter. I also wanted to replace the pole light with something more beautiful. I am not electrical though. I was sad that I wouldn’t be able to do the replacement on my own; So instead I easily called an electrical company to do the work, and boy, am I thrilled that I did that. These people came in when I expected them plus did a wonderful task. There was hardly any debris or mess after the task was done! Now I have lights all around the outside of my house. Anywhere I go, I can see at night. It is especially helpful for when I take my pet on long walks in the evening. Before I would need to bring a flashlight plus stick near that light pole. Now my pet plus I circle the whole apartment without any issue. I feel the extra lighting is for smarter security purposes too. As a single gal on her own, I am thrilled for any added extra layer of protection; Eventually I am going to add a security system to my apartment for even more protection.
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