Surge Power Protection

Living in the south there are a lot of thunderstorms.

My power mainly goes out in the middle of the summer when there are the most thunder and lightening storms. My dogs will sometimes get scared of the storms will hide under the tables. not to mention my lights in my house will go out, and normally I’m stuck without power for a few days. I remember last year lightning hit one of my power surges and my TV was fried. I was not very happy about this since I only got my TV 3 months prior to the incident. I was definitely upset. I had to spend another 1,000 dollars on a new TV. This incident happened similarly to one of my best friends. She told me that to fix this situation she called her HVAC provider to go and install a surge protector. What it does is it protects her air conditioning system, computers, televisions, dish washer, washing machine and dryer. It protects a lot of the other appliances in her home too. Her HVAC technician recommended this to her when she was getting her HVAC system serviced. She was complaining to him about what happened to her computer and he recommended the power surge. It was another service that the HVAC company could provide her home. He told her that a lot of people have been getting them installed because of the recent increase of thunderstorms in the south. He also stated that there are 300 surges a year. I plan on calling my HVAC provider today to get a surge protector in my home.

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