Space Heater Safety

Since heating during the winter can be very expensive, I know a lot of people who will go out and buy portable space heaters for their home.

  • These are great because you can unplug them and move them to another room that you’re in and you can also bring them to someone else’s home.

Many people don’t realize that there are serious safety procedures that people need to be aware of when buying a portable space heater. According to statistics there about 25,000 residential fires, 300 deaths and 6,000 burn injuries every year from space heaters. I think that if we are better aware of what the space heaters can potentially do we will be able to decrease the numbers that are associated with them. Space heaters can let out dangerous pollutants, fires and and burn injuries. Home and safety experts agree that people who have portable space heaters need to be better educated. If you are purchasing a portable space heater it is important that you purchase the right size in order for the amount of space that you are heating. It’s important to purchase heaters that won’t tip over and that have a heating protection aspect. You don’t want your heater to tip over or overheat and cause a fire. And when you’re using your heater make sure that there’s nothing close to it while it’s running. You want to give the heater an ample amount of space without the things around it catching on fire. When plugging the heater in you want to check that the outlet that you’re plugging it into has a sufficient amount of power capacity.


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