The air quality improved significantly in our lake home after I got our delivery!

I was anxiously waiting for our online order to arrive from an online HVAC store.

I ordered a couple of UV air cleaners to improve the air quality in our house.

Since I was focusing on improving the air quality, I also decided to order a 3 pack of HEPA filters. Those were on sale and I figured I should try them out. I have been planning a sizable celebration that is coming up and I was absolutely hoping that our delivery would arrive on time so that I would have no trouble during the celebration! I can’t even tell you how gleeful I was when I finally saw the brown delivery truck pulling up into our driveway. I rushed to the guy and asked him if he needed a signature, which he did. I signed and happily took our package inside the house. The UV air cleaners were looking good and I knew exactly where I wanted them. The more powerful UV air cleaner with more coverage I put in the home office. That was going to be where most everybody would want to hang out, and I wanted the air quality to be especially nice there. The other UV air cleaner, I decided I would use in our family room during the night and I would put it in the home office when I was not sleeping during the night. By the time the celebration got started, everybody was having a good time. I even had a bunch of people compliment myself and others on our UV air cleaners. I prefer the fact that they easily tell you how good your air quality is in your lake home too. I know our air quality is good based on the reading and I expect our health will be improving in no time since I have better air quality now.



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