The great outdoors has its ups and downs, be ready like us like this!

We always learned much on our hikes but how to deal with the hot or cold was one of the biggest lessons we dealt with. We got blisters, got burned by the sun and we made a lot of memories too. We had cold days, hot days and long cold nights sometimes. We stayed warm by the fire and cooled off by the pool in the day. One of the worst and most lesson teaching times was when our air conditioner went out in our cabin. We were without cool air inside for a few days so most of us slept outside. We had to wait 4 days for the service company to come fix it, our HVAC repairman at first got sick and rescheduled and then we switched the repair to another HVAC company. We couldn’t believe the lack of professionalism and how long we had to wait, the new company gave us a discount and taught us much about the old cabin we had. They explained the air conditioner we had was old and they didn’t make it or the parts for it anymore! We were fascinated and happy to learn about the old system we had and thankful to be back in the cool air. We had been hot all weekend and physically exhausted from all the activity too! We were thankful and definitely would not be taking anything for granted when it comes to staying cool inside now. We loved the cabin, the outdoors and the campground too. We always came back too, but now that we had a brand new air conditioner, we wondered how trustworthy the old noisy heater was that we had here. Would it break too? We asked Tom the HVAC repairman and he said the heater should be fine for at least another few more years.


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