Tried turning attic into spare room

I live in a rather small sized house, which isn’t usually a problem since just my boyfriend and I live there together with our dog.

We have a spare bedroom that works great for guests, but I’ve recently been taking it over as a makeshift office space to get my work done. Because of this complication, it can’t house as many people as before, and we were struggling to find space for our visitors. We decided to try to better utilize the attic, which was sitting totally vacant for the past two years. Everything was set up fairly easily up there, but then we realized there was a major problem; the space wasn’t hooked up to our central HVAC system. As such, it got ridiculously hot during the summer, as all the hot air from below rose up into the high ceiling. There was hardly any ventilation, and certainly no air conditioning was able to reach the space, since there were no air vents whatsoever. As such, we had to purchase a small window unit for air conditioning the space, which turned out to be easier said than done when we tried to haul the AC up the narrow ladder to install it. It took us well over an hour to get the air conditioner into the window properly, and we had to get creative with running a powerline over to the AC. Still, after all our effort we decided it was worthwhile when multiple friends were able to enjoy the cool, high quality air from our new AC unit.


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