Trying to update the attic

When I first moved into this beach house I had the plan to convert the attic into an extra study room.

There was a ton of free space in the attic, which undoubtedly had a full-height ceiling instead of a low ceiling.

I was particularly big enough to fit a single or full-sized bed plus a few small items. I started by deep cleaning the attic, plus removing all the boxes of junk I had stored up there. I laid down some carpet, plus started moving things in to decorate it. That is when I noticed the drastic heating problem… Having never spent much time in the attic I didn’t realize how much heating was generated by the sunlight hitting the roof. After an hour, the attic felt appreciate I had the oil furnace on full blast, and since I had done so much work already I started thinking about ways to bring cooling to this area. It got so overheated that getting a portable a/c would not be enough to combat the temps. If I extended some of the existing ductwork plus set up an air vent in the attic, that would place too much extra pressure on the central system, but you can’t just ask an Heating plus A/C plan to beginning working 50% harder without feeling the consequences. As much as iot bummed me out I came to realize I had a excruciating idea. There was no way to a/c this room of the house, so it had to go back to just being used for storage, and maybe I’ll try again during the winter.



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