Went to a club and the AC stopped working

I rarely go out to clubs to go dancing.

  • It’s so hectic on the dancefloor, I hate waiting in line to buy drinks at the bar, and I despise the idea of paying cover to get into an establishment.

I’m much more of a laid back bar sort of person, because I like to relax while I have a drink and talk to my friends at a normal speaking volume. However, the other day I was convinced to go out with my friends to the local gay bar for a late night of dancing. It was worse than I expected; when we walked in, we quickly found out that their HVAC unit had failed that day. Suddenly it made sense why there wasn’t cover at the door, because without AC it was ungodly hot inside. Here we were on the dance floor, with dozens of bodies acting like miniature furnaces, and there was no relief from the heat via ventilation or air conditioning. Everyone was so disgustingly sweaty, and it was frankly dangerous to be dancing in the heat like that. At one point I had to go outside to get some cool air, because I simply couldn’t breath in the stagnant indoor air. We even sat in my car with the AC blasting to cool ourselves down when my friend started feeling sick to his stomach. The air from my little air vents was so relieving that it was incredibly difficult to go back into the sweltering heat. I hope they get their HVAC repairman out soon, because otherwise no one is going to go dancing anytime soon.



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